Drums and Orchestra Music Project – Soundtrack Music with Jazz

In this project I compose, arrange and perform music for drums and orchestra.

Take a listen to one of my best tune on YouTube:

How Music for Drums and Orchestra Project was born

To me the sound of the orchestra it’s always been something magic. When I listen to this kind of music I feel very moved emotionally.
Since when I was a child I’ve been exposed to orchestral music because my mother loves classical music and she was listening to it at home very often. This is probably the reason why I feel so moved by the sound of orchestra and I love soundtrack music.
The fact that I picked up drums when I was a kid, brought me to explore more the modern music genres (especially jazz) but still the orchestra has been in my heart. It feels natural to me bringing these worlds together and create music that combines modern jazz drumming with the orchestra.
For a long time I’ve been intimidated by the challenge to compose and arrange orchestral music but finally I decided to jump and start this new adventure!

In this video I explain about my goal to perform live with a full orchestra and me playing drums:

Music Influences

My main influence for this project is the soundtrack music that I listened and loved for many years, composers like Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat are some main references but I also get inspiration from my background as a jazz musician (you can read my biography).
In general what I strive for when I compose music is to have these aspects combined: beautiful and enjoyable with fresh and creative. Usually if one of these components is not there or not good enough I trash the idea and restart.

Project Format

In the Drums and Orchestra Music Project I find important to give an insight of what exactly I mean when I compose a specific tune. To me music is something very visual, something I often use to represent specific feelings and situations.
The program is to release a new tune every month via YouTube and in every major streaming and download platforms anticipated one week earlier by the introduction video.
You can listen to the full playlist of my music including introductions here.

If you like the music and the project you can be part of the community to support me via Pateron or with a one time donation via PayPal.

Thanks a lot!

Pietro Valente Music for Drums and Orchestra